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Pedestal - Architectural elements / 12 products

  • Nevadeco - p 01 - Pedestal

    Nevadeco p 01

    Ionic small column made of polyurethane (high density) small base and body in 1 piece height : 0. ...

    59.22 € approx.
  • Antique

    Galerie Atena -  - Pedestal

    Galerie Atena Pedestal

    Marble stand A white veined grey marble column, fluted and of a cylindric shape, with the base and ...

    1300 € approx.
  • FERROLAB -  - Pedestal

    FERROLAB Pedestal

    Designer : Matias Di Carlo

    Square based plinth with metal base and solid wood top.The wood features a grained texture creating ...

    430 € approx.
  • BERDECO - keswick - Pedestal

    BERDECO keswick
    Price upon request
  • References & News

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    • Nevadeco
    • Galerie Atena
  • Wrights of Campden -  - Pedestal

    Wrights of Campden Pedestal

    A large round pedestal with a carved stem. Pictured here in Cotswold limestone.

    Price upon request
  • BERDECO -  - Pedestal

    BERDECO Pedestal

    Handmade with structure of fiberglass and natural stone or metal finishes. The stone finishes and ...

    Price upon request
  • BERDECO - bristol - Pedestal

    BERDECO bristol
    Price upon request
  • BERDECO - spring - Pedestal

    BERDECO spring

    Pedestal, roman style, CLASSIC ornament representing a basket of flowers

    Price upon request
  • BERDECO - primavera - Pedestal

    BERDECO primavera
    Price upon request
  • BERDECO -  - Pedestal

    BERDECO Pedestal
    Price upon request
  • Wrights of Campden -  - Pedestal

    Wrights of Campden Pedestal

    Pictured here in Cotswold limestone with a woodpecker finish.

    Price upon request
  • Hlp -  - Pedestal

    Hlp Pedestal
    Price upon request