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Fiandre constant care in the production of top of the range porcelain slabs for floors and walls, with a careful look at the culture of design and to architecture, finds in Xtra its natural evolution. Xtra was born as a project for interior design and develops with ever greater freedom of expression even in contests such as contract, the hotel business and public environments. Creted by designer Silvia Stanzani, Xtra offers a new way of relating to the environment, an uncommon dialogue between surfaces and furniture, with a keen eye on personalization. All the slabs are perfectly modular, leaving the designer the greatest freedom of expression.

Ambiences & References from Xtra Fiandre

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  • Dining room | Contemporary
  • Bathroom | Eclectic
  • Bathroom | Contemporary
  • Kitchen | Contemporary
  • Public space | Contemporary
  • Public space | Contemporary
  • Entrance | Contemporary

Products of Xtra Fiandre

Events from Xtra Fiandre

  • Batimat - Octobre 2015 - 5B V43