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The online exhibition of international decoration, design and habitat

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If you close your eyes while trying to imagine a place that you love, some objects will appear more easily than some others. Not because they're more important in the space, it means that you are sharing a emotional bond with them. The objects designers from ARDI aims not to trivialize the objects by their functions. They evoke moments of life by giving to their creations the freshness of a look or a gesture. Each day you will perceive them differently and you might create a story with them.

Ambiences & References from Ardi

  • Ardi Table lamp Lamps Lighting : Indoor  |
  • Ardi Table lamp Lamps Lighting : Indoor  |
  • Ardi Andiron Fireside accessories Fireplace  | Design
  • Ardi Kitchen hook Hooks Kitchen Accessories  |

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    Corporate Catalogue 05/11/13

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  • Lighting : Indoor - 02/2017

  • Lighting : Indoor - 02/2015