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Hortus Verde

Nursery ideas, Hortus Verde invites you to share the secret of architecture or a decorative plant stabilized custom, creative and original, suited to all interiors and all, even those who do not have a green thumb.

Under the magic wand of Hortus Verde, once stabilized, plants, trees, and plants produce spectacular, immediate results. Conventional or exotic, natural or geometric, they can be worked into small squares, rings, balls, cones (Topiary) or prefabricated structures of one metre square with desire as the pieces of Lego. They harmonize with all interiors, make our living environment (home, offices, meeting rooms, shops...) more attractive, animate spaces deprived of Sun as a step of building, a hall, a corridor, a bathroom in the basement, give public places of the spirit. One can thus play to infinity on the masses and volumes by alternating shapes and heights, different plants, foliage styles and gradients of Greens. Or place them in a "mess" designed to "break" a too regular trace, punctuate certain strategic locations, a few markets, the contours of a ramp, a corner staircase, a niche in a wall...

Cultivating the originality and set the scene, with Hortus Verde anything is possible. Ideas and tricks bloom. Are assembled, are added, mixed and on nuance.

Hortus Verde will listen to you and advise you in your choice for: - the purchase of one or more plants with or without accessories (pots...) - the creation of moods or stabilized plant decorations - the study of green spaces or gardens of Interior projects - the development of a concept of avant-garde

Products of Hortus Verde