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Cuproom is a brand created by Celato Rito. Since fifty years the company is working on steel and copper, with wisdom of the handcraft, giving special attention to the newer technologies. Cuproom represents the evolution and the transition from steel forging to a new and personal design furniture, through the warmth and strength of copper, the elegance of steel, and the lightweight of aluminium. Equipment and technology are the prerequisite to design dynamic objects, binding together the essence of rigorous lines inherent to the mark Cuproom and emotional richness of a playful touch, able to enliven the everyday. The articulated collection of furniture elements are thus expression of a new design made in Italy. This allows infinite compositions never discounted and customizable. All creations are available in aluminium or copper and can be painted in different colours . Versions in natural aluminium or copper are characterized by a special treatment that makes the object sensitive to touch and protected from natural oxidation of the metal. Our company is also able to respond to customers with need personalised and customized items.

Ambiences & References from Cuproom

  • CUPROOM Rectangular dining table Dining tables Tables and Misc.  |
  • CUPROOM Table lamp Lamps Lighting : Indoor  |
  • CUPROOM Floor cushion Footstools and poufs Seats & Sofas  |
  • CUPROOM Garden lamp Bollard lights Lighting : Outdoor Balcony-Terrace | Design Contemporary

Brand sold by Cuproom

Products of Cuproom

  • CUPROOM - opposite chaire - Armchair

      opposite chaire
    Price upon request
  • CUPROOM - zroom - Bar Chair

    Price upon request
  • CUPROOM - cdroom - Cd Case

    Price upon request
  • CUPROOM - lucilla - Chair

    Price upon request
  • CUPROOM - lavinia - Chair

    Price upon request
  • CUPROOM - cut - Closet

    Price upon request
  • CUPROOM - kubik guardarobe - Closet

      kubik guardarobe
    Price upon request
  • CUPROOM - umbrella-uproom - Coat Rack

    Price upon request
  • CUPROOM - twist - Coat Rack

    Price upon request
  • CUPROOM - louisa - Deck Armchair

    Price upon request
  • CUPROOM - bottle lamp - Floor Lamp

      bottle lamp
    Price upon request
  • CUPROOM - outside - Flower Box

    Price upon request
  • Jury's Selection

    CUPROOM - dido-diva - Mirror

    Price upon request
  • CUPROOM - move/wine dispenser - Modular Bookcase

      move/wine dispenser

    The module MOVE also becomes a practical and unusual bottle box, the basic element for the ...

    Price upon request
  • CUPROOM - move system - Modular Bookcase

      move system

    Move is a modular system of aluminium,and it develops without limit,unit by unit. Each element has ...

    Price upon request
  • CUPROOM - clinia - Office Sconse


    Applique in natural or coloured metal.

    Price upon request
  • CUPROOM - wallroom - Partition

    Price upon request
  • CUPROOM - dolly - Stool

    Price upon request
  • CUPROOM - etoile c11 - Table Lamp

      etoile c11

    ETOILE creates a warm m, enchanting atmosphere when the light is on, or it becomes an essential ...

    Price upon request
  • CUPROOM - clinia - Wall Lamp

    Price upon request