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Combiné Lit / Bureau

Deskbed, a space saving piece of furniture. 3 seconds to transform your desk into a bed, withou having to move anything from the desk. The desk staying in a horisontal position during the movement, no need to take away stuff from the desk. Even a cup of coffee will keep in place without spilling any drop. Instantaneously you transform your bed, without moving anything, mattress, sheets and pillow, into a huge desk, ready to use. The deskbed is ideal for the children's room, the student, the spare room. The double is nice for the young couple, the holiday outlet and the home office, for the friends to sleep with short notice. Single or double, different colours. Patented system, space saving and time saving.

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    Corporate Catalogue 27/09/11

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  • Furniture Beds - 09/2011