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Malherbe Edition is an adventureous and poetic company. It is a boutique as well as virtual store like many others, with a business plan, objectives, etc....It is foremost a manner of expression for Arnaud, Hubert , the agency and many other contributing designers: Valérie Windeck, Antoine Courtoil, Thomas Bleicher, Laurent Bloedt, Esther Bacot, Arnaud Le Cat, Coralie Frick, UNQUI designers...

The plan is to bring together a swarm of people, a kind of collectif brought together to create a fireball which heats up without burning. They love the idea of group collaborations renewing ideas constantly, without dying. Something that is going to last at least a 100 years, "easy". As Huberts likes to say, " after all, our name, Malherbe, has lasted 5 centuries!!.... We have all our time, we will see..."

At Malherbe Edition we draw what we like, from sharp and edgy to something laid back and cool. Recycle wood, multi layered birch wood panels. The greenest and the cheapest. Concrete, wellded iron.... We will get it wrong, and we have been wrong before. We'll follow our lucky star. We aim at an international clientelle, just like the agency. For that, we have a website, Malherbe-Editions.com We have a shop , 64 rue de Rome in Paris. We produce bespoke furniture for our clients; they feel pride and flattered, something to be remembered by. But sometimes also, the client is us. If we like it, surely others will.

The Malherbe Edition creation are generally not expensive. But certain pieces are unique, some historical. A Guimard base, crystal pieces from the 18th and 19th century inserted in contemporary pieces. A variety of handmade, blown, or pressed elements.... Fake elephant tusks with a 70s twist as wall fixtures, a couch floating on air cushions....

Come on over if you have good idea ! Or simply visit us. At Malherbe Edition, it's like a creative frenzy. New models come out every months. We pay tribute or we borrow from great graphic design created within our walls ( which are quiet often very good). There is a bit of everything. And of course always a lot of humour.

Ambiences & References from Malherbe Edition

  • MALHERBE EDITION Original form Coffee table Low tables Tables and Misc.  |
  • MALHERBE EDITION Revolving bookcase Bookcases Storage  |
  • MALHERBE EDITION Chair Chairs Seats & Sofas  |
  • MALHERBE EDITION Console table Consoles Tables and Misc.  | Contemporary
  • MALHERBE EDITION Coat rack Hall furniture and accessories Storage  |
  • MALHERBE EDITION Rectangular dining table Dining tables Tables and Misc.  |
  • MALHERBE EDITION Shelf Shelves Storage  |

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    Corporate Catalogue 10/03/14

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  • 29/07/2015

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  • - Septembre 2015

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  • Seats & Sofas - 09/2015

  • Garden Furniture - 03/2015