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Emaux De Longwy


The Boch family, well known for its strong influence on the ceramic industry, founded the Faïenceries de Longwy in 1798 on the premises of an old convent.

Their production gained recognition during the First Empire: Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, after visiting the Faïenceries, ordered all the tabletop allocated to the Imperial Houses of the Legion of Honor.

Factory at the end of the 19th century

In 1835, the Faïenceries are passed to the d'Huart family and become a prosperous industry. During the 1870's, the effervescence of the Second Empire brings Japonism into fashion.

Factory at the end of the 19th century

This trend for every aspect of oriental arts and culture will affect the Faïenceries, bringing the d'Huart family into hiring Amédée de Carenza, the Italian-born director of the Mikado's factories. De Carenza, by using his exclusive techniques, created the first Emaux de Longwy.

Ambiences & References from Emaux De Longwy

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Events from Emaux De Longwy

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