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The online exhibition of international decoration, design and habitat

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The Gallery KAKEBOTON features the creations of designer ALBERT BOTON. ALBERT BOTON, designer of letters and internationally renowned typographer, demonstrated his talent by creating, inter alia, DIOR, LANCEL logos, CACHAREL and more than 30 available in the world alphabets.In recent years, ALBERT BOTON engages in a novel approach; valuing a line, zooming in on a detail, its letters fragmented, debates, roundness, become decorative elements. These nifty calligraphy sets, where the Creator give heart to joy with graphics and colors, were born the decorative panels (kakemonos), screens, cushions, blinds, visible stoles to the KAKEBOTON Gallery. But also blinds, tables, rugs, accessories for the table available from other distributors located throughout the French territory. All models offered at the Gallery KAKEBOTON are made in France

Ambiences & References from Galerie Kakeboton

  • GALERIE KAKEBOTON Screen Partition Tables and Misc.  |
  • GALERIE KAKEBOTON Scarf Clothing Beyond decoration  |

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