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Since 2005 Hemisferium. Instrumentos Científicos Antiguos, S.L. specializes in manufacturing objects that link us with our scientific past, and in making them accessible to all those passionate about science beauty.

Hemisferium has an accumulated experience of more than twenty years of creating reproductions of instruments for nautical or optical use or for astronomical calculations.

Our mission is keeping our scientific heritage alive, crafting instruments that were fundamentally important to the advancement of science and technology throughout History, who deserve to be rescued from oblivion and shared in all their beauty.

Carefully, and aided by experts, we recreate instruments, remaining as true as possible to the aesthetic and functional properties of the original pieces. We combine modern materials and techniques with traditional craftsmanship so they can be enjoyed and used in accordance to their original objective.

Products of Hemisferium

  • HEMISFERIUM - calendrier perpétuel - Calendar

    HEMISFERIUM calendrier perpétuel

    Designer : Hemisferium

    Perpetual Calendar. Only perpetual calendars meet the basic condition to permit the deduction of ...

    50 € approx.
  • HEMISFERIUM - compas magnétique - Compass

    HEMISFERIUM compas magnétique

    Designer : Hemisferium

    A magnetic compass is a nautical instrument whose use was fundamental in the development of ...

    77 € approx.
  • HEMISFERIUM - boussole cardan ou marine - Compass

    HEMISFERIUM boussole cardan ou marine

    Designer : Hemisferium

    The Cardan or marine compass is a nautical instrument whose use was fundamental in the development ...

    87 € approx.
  • HEMISFERIUM - boussole solaire - Compass

    HEMISFERIUM boussole solaire

    Designer : Hemisferium

    Solar Compass. This nautical compass was used in the 16th century. In this discovering era was of ...

    68 € approx.
  • HEMISFERIUM - urania propitia - Compass

    HEMISFERIUM urania propitia

    Designer : Hemisferium

    Urania Propitia Homage to the pioneering women astronomers. "Urania propitia" (1650), the title ...

    68 € approx.
  • HEMISFERIUM - compas nautique lace - Compass

    HEMISFERIUM compas nautique lace

    Designer : Hemisferium

    Nautical Compass Lace The firsts written references about the use of the navigation needle by ...

    48.50 € approx.
  • HEMISFERIUM - cadran type beringer - Desk Clock

    HEMISFERIUM cadran type beringer

    Designer : Hemisferium

    David Beringer´s Quadrant. This model is a reproduction of a mobile cubic quadrant that dates back ...

    72 € approx.
  • HEMISFERIUM - horloge solaire equatoriale augsburg - Desk Clock

    HEMISFERIUM horloge solaire equatoriale "augsburg"

    Designer : Hemisferium

    Equinoctial sundial, known as "Augsburg clock". The original was made by Iohann Georg Vogler (1720- ...

    84 € approx.
  • HEMISFERIUM - sablier nautique - Hourglass

    HEMISFERIUM sablier nautique

    Designer : Hemisferium

    This clock, which uses sand, is a nautical hourglass, probably from the 16th century, whose maker is ...

    68 € approx.
  • HEMISFERIUM - sablier «villafrechos» - Hourglass

    HEMISFERIUM sablier «villafrechos»

    Designer : Hemisferium

    «Villafrechos» Hourglass. This hourglass is a reproduction of one dated from the 18th century, ...

    Price upon request
  • HEMISFERIUM -  - Nautical Object

    HEMISFERIUM Nautical Object
    Price upon request
  • HEMISFERIUM - abaque de marées - Nautical Object

    HEMISFERIUM abaque de marées

    Designer : Hemisferium

    The piece is a replica of a Nocturnal and Tide Computer from 1570, signed by Humphrey Cole, that can ...

    68 € approx.
  • HEMISFERIUM - nocturlabe - Nautical Object

    HEMISFERIUM nocturlabe

    Designer : Hemisferium

    Nocturlabe This nocturnal watch --horologium nocturnale- is an astronomical instrument used to ...

    112 € approx.
  • HEMISFERIUM - miniature abaque de marées - Nautical Object

    HEMISFERIUM miniature abaque de marées

    Designer : Hemisferium

    Tide Computer Miniature This piece is a replica of a Nocturnal and Tidal Abacus from 1570, signed ...

    32 € approx.
  • HEMISFERIUM - stereoscope - Old Style Toys

    HEMISFERIUM stereoscope

    Designer : Hemisferium

    Stereoscope. In 1838, Sir Charles Wheatstone invented the ?stereoscopy? an instrument which allowed ...

    Price upon request
  • HEMISFERIUM - zootrope - Old Style Toys

    HEMISFERIUM zootrope

    Designer : Hemisferium

    From first scientific toys that used animated images to modern movies, retinal persistence has been ...

    66 € approx.
  • HEMISFERIUM - praxinoscope - Old Style Toys

    HEMISFERIUM praxinoscope

    Designer : Hemisferium

    Praxinoscope. This scientific toy with animated images also relies in retinal persistence to make us ...

    72 € approx.
  • HEMISFERIUM - horloge cylindrique - Outdoor Clock

    HEMISFERIUM horloge cylindrique

    Designer : Hemisferium

    This instrument is one of the most widespread dial in the world, belonging to the class of altitude ...

    72 € approx.
  • HEMISFERIUM - cadran capucin - Outdoor Clock

    HEMISFERIUM cadran capucin

    Designer : Hemisferium

    Quadrant «Capuccino». The name is derived from the best known version of this solar clock, in which ...

    46 € approx.
  • HEMISFERIUM - diptyque. cadran solaire de poche - Outdoor Clock

    HEMISFERIUM diptyque. cadran solaire de poche

    Designer : Hemisferium

    Brass Kepler. Quadrants with a compass, introduced in the 15th century, were the first portable ...

    3 versions

    Price upon request
  • HEMISFERIUM - anneau astronomique - Outdoor Clock

    HEMISFERIUM anneau astronomique

    Designer : Hemisferium

    Although known as the Astronomical Ring, it is principally employed as an ecuatorial solar universal ...

    82 € approx.
  • HEMISFERIUM -  - Sextant

    Price upon request
  • HEMISFERIUM - sextant - Sextant

    HEMISFERIUM sextant

    Designer : Hemisferium

    This instrument is really a reproduction of an Octant of the mid 17th century. By semi-accurately ...

    166 € approx.
  • HEMISFERIUM - astrolabe nautique - Spherical Astrolabe

    HEMISFERIUM astrolabe nautique

    Designer : Hemisferium

    Nautical Astrolabe. This instrument is a reproduction of the Nautical Astrolabe called of ?Valence? ...

    80 € approx.
  • HEMISFERIUM - astrolabe planisferique - Spherical Astrolabe

    HEMISFERIUM astrolabe planisferique

    Designer : Hemisferium

    From the Greek "star searcher" this instrument was introduced in Europe by the Arabs. It became a ...

    280 € approx.
  • HEMISFERIUM -  - Spherical Astrolabe

    HEMISFERIUM Spherical Astrolabe
    Price upon request
  • HEMISFERIUM - astrolabe universel de rojas - Spherical Astrolabe

    HEMISFERIUM astrolabe universel de rojas

    Designer : Hemisferium

    We developed this unique piece to celebrate the International Astronomical Year. The astrolabe ...

    280 € approx.
  • HEMISFERIUM - astrolabe - Spherical Astrolabe

    HEMISFERIUM astrolabe

    Designer : Hemisferium

    The name "astrolabe" comes from the Greek word astro, meaning star, and labio, "that which searches, ...

    86 € approx.

Events from Hemisferium

  • Maison & Objet Paris - Septembre 2016 - 4 D119
  • Maison & Objet Paris - Septembre 2015 - 4 B114 / C113