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Come to the table ! Yes, but for what purpose? To work, to draw, to surf the web and, why not, to eat ! Because the dining room opens off the living room or is part of it, the concept is more casual and relaxed. Gone is the time when it was only used on Sundays for visitors. The living room is now the heart and soulof the home where the family gathers for various activities. The dining area often doubles as the study, play area and recreation area. The make-shift table is back in fashion. Up until the 18th century, there was no fixed dining table nor a room set aside for meals. A table was usually put together at the last minute by placing a board on two trestles. We, too, like to choose at the last moment whether we'll have breakfast, lunch or dinner at the meal table, kitchen bar, bar table or coffe table in the living room.

The coffee table, which corresponds perfectly to today's more casual life style, has become an essentiel part of the room. It is no longer just a place to put magazines on or have a before-dinner drink. Comfortably seated around the table, we can spend an evening with friends, gulp down a TV dinner or work on our laptops.

Classical models, either square or rectangular, are still very popular. Others, like Isamu Nogushi's coffe table, curve into oval organic lines. The designers have even created hybrids that are neither  tables nor chairs. Arik Levy's Meteor looks like a rock and can be used both indoors and outdoors. In its luminescent version, it gives a soft poetic ambiance to the room.

The liftable coffee table is a nex hit. Ideal for studio flats and small spaces, it can be adjusted to several heights and takes you from drinks to a sit-down dinner in the flick of a wrist.

The extending table, fashionable since it first appeared in the 16th century, is more popular than ever. In our contemporary interiors, where saving space is a constant preoccupation, the table must be modular so it can be adapted to suit the number of guests and different occupations. The console is no longer just a decorative item of furniture richly carved and gilded to display ceramics and bronzes. Placed in the entrance or a corner of the living room, it can fold in or out to serve as a desk or a  console table. Although functional, the wooden or metal console remains elegant, with clean, stylised lines. Compact, practical occasional tables, nests of tables and pedestal tables are all an excellent accessory to the sofa. Mobile furniture such as trolleys and trolley tables are also appreciated for  their practicality.

Today, tables are bending over backwards to satisfy our every expectation. So let's make the most of their ingenuity and come to the table !

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    WHITE LABEL - table de repas bois café - barry - l 170 x l 88 x - Rectangular Dining Table

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    WHITE LABEL - table de repas bois café - barry - l 170 x l 88 x - Rectangular Dining Table

    WHITE LABEL table de repas bois café - barry - l 170
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