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Comptoir De Famille

A beautiful story concentrated on his birthday cake, Isabelle has a determined air. The look of his brother Philippe already reads the complicity which bind them later in the beautiful adventure of Comptoir de Famille.

Born from these memories shared by Isabelle and Philippe Mauran, Prim society ' Style sees agenda in 1980 in the city of their childhood, La Tour-du-Pin, followed by the mark counter's family in 1992. Patrick Rupe, Isabelle's husband, is committed to their side from the early days.

All three are animated the same sensitivity for objects and the desire to recreate the atmosphere of family houses. With Isabelle to the creation, Philippe to the development of products and Patrick branch, little bit collections are built, reinventing the Interior of objects of sense and poetry today: scents, earthenware and glassware, then decorative objects, clothes, furniture, and recently from beautiful garden furniture. Generous, strong and made to last, as formerly products.

The trio soon to communicate his passion to other lovers of the objects of the past. Dating, beatings of heart... and soon sprout several projects of shops. The first opened in Paris, the second in Nantes. They are now 30 and brand products are distributed by many other independent shops in the France.
30 years later, the 60 employees of the seat share at La Tour-du-Pin a simple and cosy atmosphere, while North American and European consumers are seduced by the Comptoir de Famille spirit.

Ambiences & References from Comptoir De Famille

  • Comptoir De Famille Table service Table sets Crockery Dining room | Cottage
  • Comptoir De Famille Calendar Stationery and writing materials Stationery - Office Accessories Kitchen | Cottage
  • Comptoir De Famille Visitor's book Stationery and writing materials Stationery - Office Accessories  |

Products of Comptoir De Famille

Events from Comptoir De Famille

  • Maison & Objet Paris - January 2016 - 5A A118 / B117