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In 2009 Ambi Toys was bought from Brio by Selegiochi S.R.L., Italy, a subsidiary of Città del sole, with the chief intention of reviving the brand back to its original splendour.

Selegiochi will proudly be adopting the original philosophy that helped see Ambi Toys rise to the top all those years ago ? that is, beautiful iconic design, high quality finish and of course innovation.

As a company we are well aware that these toys need to be of the highest quality as they will almost certainly be one of the child's first impressions of the world. We therefore guarantee that there will be no compromises on quality and high end design that complies with the principal vision of the original designer, Patrick Rylands.

The current range is an assortment of classics from the past. They were all designed in order to help promote imaginative play, interaction between individuals and of course to provide that all important link between child and parent and they are all products which we believe still retain the Ambi ?spirit'.

Selegiochi will be working very hard in order to regain the position as the parent's first choice for baby products, and we are positive that we will once again establish the brand worldwide as a high quality range of beautifully designed baby toys.

Products of Ambi Toys

  • AMBI TOYS - max cane trainabile - Drag Toy

      max cane trainabile

    The perfect pull along pet for maximum friendship and fun. Max shakes his head, wags his tail ...

    16 € approx.
  • AMBI TOYS - sonaglino chiavi - Rattle

      sonaglino chiavi

    Four brightly colored giant keys safely collected onto a sturdy ring for rattling and teething. ...

    4 € approx.
  • AMBI TOYS - sonaglino palline - Rattle

      sonaglino palline

    Five brightly colored and smoothly fnished balls permanently attached a strong teether ring. ...

    5 € approx.
  • AMBI TOYS - sonaglino tre - Rattle

      sonaglino tre

    A lovely toy to rattle, suck, chew and feel! Each part is a diferent shape, a diferent color and ...

    4 € approx.
  • AMBI TOYS - sonaglino orsetto - Rattle

      sonaglino orsetto

    A charming rattler-teether to comfort baby with a friendly smile. Height 125 mm/5"

    4 € approx.
  • AMBI TOYS - sonaglino fiore - Rattle

      sonaglino fiore

    A merry sunfower to hold and rattle, to touch and turn. Length 173 mm/7".

    4.50 € approx.