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ABOUT US The story about our luxurious, high-end furniture, lighting and accessories as well as interior design projects in total, starts back in 2002, when Mari Paulina C. Janiq establishes a gallery oriented on high end products for interiors. Due to clients requests just in few years she transforms the business into a design studio - offering complex services throughout all stages of a design process in the area of high class residential and public spaces (offices, banks, restaurants and shops). Anxious to improve the quality of service and produced items, she successfully completes in 2010 a three year Full Professional Diploma studies in Interior Architecture and Design at the prestigious London KLC School of Design in Chelsea Harbour. Rich in experience on one hand and full of her own design ideas on the other, determined and passionate, she sets up in London the company MARI IANIQ Ltd. with the goal to edit precisely targeted collection of high-end furniture, lighting and accessories. Perceived by clients as master in detailing of interiors and perfect color matching, she puts also great emphasis on highest quality. All MARI IANIQ's items are handmade, produced of best materials, following traditional techniques by most experienced masters. MARI IANIQ's design process of every new collection, as well as any single piece, starts with an inspiration. It may come from the surrounding world - starting from the unequalled beauty of forms shaped by nature, magic mix of colors within a flower or peacock feather, the happiness dispersed in southern skies, passing through the genius of some pieces of art, as well as designs of fashion or jewelry creators, to the daring lines of historical, as well as contemporary, icons of architecture. Next steps are sketches and studies of new thoughts, which help extracting characteristic and unique lines, assigned to each new collection. This stage - drawing and then computer processing of each project - takes a big part of the time dedicated to every designing process we undertake. Then the technical and construction matters come, which determine ergonomics and comfort - things to which MARI IANIQ pays a lot of attention. All MARI IANIQ's items are handmade, produced of best materials, following traditional techniques by most experienced masters. That is why, for example, the specific type of wood ? maple, oak, birch or other- is chosen depending on what shape and purpose it is used for. The upholstered furniture are based on wooden structures supported with belts, coated with several layers of horsehair, various foams, feathers and down depending on requested level of softness .Every part is perfectly fitted, designed for intuitive use. Armrests placed on perfect height and ideally shaped to allow maximum comfort, drawers opened and closed by the touch of a finger, enabling also electrical control with digital or fingerprint access, chair's profiled backs encourage withstanding longest dinners... All about MARI IANIQ is perfection, attention to details and commitment to quality. The idea becomes reality when transformed to precise, handmade pieces with minutely applied finishes, engravings, inlays, unique metal patinas made of numerous, manually polished layers to achieve our famous, refined and never obvious metallic shades. Additionally added jeweled decors made of pearls and semi-precious stones, crafted and selected individually for each piece of furniture, and bespoke decorative features made of metals like brass, bronze or steel, that might be additionally silver or gold plated. We work with best textile producers introducing on our soft pieces distinguished combinations of fantastic fibers. Every little element has its own place and none of the choices is accidental. Our products may be named as couture furniture not only because of materials we work with, but also the way they are matched with each other - some of the combinations will never be repeated. For an ideal, luxurious, final outcome we put great emphasis on perfect color matching of all elements within an object or scheme, which allows us to achieve the most aesthetically pleasing final effect. Every product is bespoke, made-to-measure, that is why it always creates a harmonious composition with surrounding space. As such pieces of art demand special treatment during transportation, each of our products is individually packed and protected against any possible damage. In this case one can judge the book by its cover, which gives just a foretaste of what is guarded inside. Rich but not overloaded, gorgeous, timeless design and precious materials as bronze, brass, best quality woods, crystal, mother of pearl, semi-precious stones, fantastic fibers involving a wide pallet of refined colors and exquisite structures promotes MARI IANIQ as one of the most distinguished companies of luxurious, haute couture furniture, lighting and accessories. Enthusiasm and commitment to create perfectly finished pieces resulted in several collections presented at Maison & Objet Fair in September 2013, receiving fantastic reviews from the journalists, the clients and even from other professionals from all over the world.

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