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With a significantly healthy market for decoration, the ​​wall decor sector is seeing life through rose tinted spectacles ... 45 million rolls of wallpaper were sold in France in 2010. A figure which is increasing all over Europe, with France and Great Britain in the lead.

Amongst the leading group of manufacturers are the German company 'Rasch and AS Creation', the Belgian 'Grandeco', the French 'Textdécor' and the British 'Graham & Brown', who adorn the walls of the world.

If this rapidly developing market is mainly benefiting at large DIY stores (60% of sales), then in this market, long distance selling and especially sales via the Internet has everything it needs to develop: the ability to offer unique products or 3D simulations, for example. Since 2006, there has been a rebound in sales of younger consumers attracted by the new wallpapers.

Wallpaper 'grandmother style' is finished!

Having been boosted for 10 years by the appearance of 'non-woven' wallpaper, (now 60% of sales), of which the ease of installation is an undeniable asset for sales, the sales of wallpaper look to the future with serenity with the emergence of new extremely attractive wallpapers. The 'panoramic wallpapers' still very present, have transformed the traditional approach of the 'all over' wallpaper. The 'uniques' or the tryptic (CeePeeArt), the magnetic wall decorations that are replaced according to our desires (moove-paper) or the trompe-l’oeil (Christophe Koziel) have introduced a lot of fantasy into our worlds.

Let us not also neglect the growing influence of some very creative artists, who bring to the wallpaper business a new 'technological' dimension. Thus the young company, Myrine Créations, has imposed itself since 2006 thanks to a boundless creativity : wallpaper decorated with folds, with assorted stickers, with magnets sensitive to wind, LED, or even patterns which react to heat ...

Stick with the stickers... Let us remember that this mural revolution began with the emergence of stickers in Russia in the 2000s. The gossips were predicting their future as short as their exposure time: Wrong! Born in 2003 in the Russian market, the brand -'Decoretto' (Société Ascott Deco ) is now leader of the sticker in Europe, with 1 million stickers sold per year in 8 countries!More than 500 models, manufactured in Europe, at affordable prices - this is the reason for the success of this company.

More creative than ever, lighter, easily placed and removed, the stickers, with ephemeral decorations, highlighted our need to easily change the scenery. Custom, sequined, phosphorescent, mirror ... always innovative, stickers today adorn the windows (Acte-déco, CocoBohème) and compete with the signatures of contemporary artists (Domestic).

The 'paintings"
see the future in green. On the painting side of things, the walls and ceilings also enjoy technologically advanced products. The disappearance of solvents and other chemicals in paint, as programmed by European Union regulations, accelerates the onset of paintings now mixed with synthesis of acrylc and glycero.

Combining the advantages of both types of paint, these paintings are called mixed alkyd emulsion. This new generation of paint contains an alkyd resin, derived from plants and diluted with water. Boasting almost the same qualities as the glycero paintings, they provide a good quality and good resistance against shocks and stains. An interesting compromise that manufacturers have already widely adopted (some references: Ondilak Classic de Zolpan, Semi-Gloss génération 2010 de Gauthier, Laque sans solvant de Corona, Flat Hydro de Tollens…).

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